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What is “Edutora”?

“Edutora” is a language learning center founded on the experience of more than 100 international language teaching schools and offers its future students a new and unique approach to language teaching.
Why “Edutora”? The name “Edutora” was derived from the merger of two English words, education and tutor. The first means learning, instruction and upbringing and the second is teacher-educator. Thus, our students will not only have access to high quality foreign language courses, but will also be deeply convinced that the values ​​and principles fostering their self-development will one day bear fruit. The goal of the Center is to become a unique bridge for communication and integration into society, helping to overcome language barriers and provide greater opportunities for self-development.


Our school’s mission is to shape the linguistic abilities and skills of our students by giving them the opportunity to walk in line with global changes.


Our vision is to get high-quality language education that will contribute to the formation of a healthy society in accordance with the rapid changes and requirements of the world economy, society and the environment. Besides, it aims at creating a language learning center that will always be available to each and every student on a quickly changing basis. This will allow the teacher to develop himself/herself as much as possible and share his/her knowledge and valuable experience.


  • Responsibility and Professionalism,
  • Results-Oriented Work,
  • Contribute to the creation of a healthy, knowledgeable and developed society.

Anyone can apply for the classes, particularly, those who:

  • want to learn languages;
  • value their time;
  • appreciate professionalism;
  • have a great sense of responsibility;
  • are persistent and not afraid of new challenges;
  • have a flexible mindset and strive for more both as an individual and as a team member.

Why “Edutora”?

  1. . We teach in an effective way based on the study of international experience,
  2. We have a professional teaching staff,
  3. Available 24/7,
  4. Schedules are flexible, with the ability to fill in the missed classes.

What will you acquire?

  1. Competitive knowledge,
  2. Membership of a large community within the school (new acquaintances, networking)
  3. Opportunity for free consultation and support by professionals,
  4. Opportunity to attend free seminars organized by the school;
  5. Certificate on the completion of the training.

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